How to purchase nah


If you’re already up with how Crypto works, then here’s the short version.  There are 2 networks currently hosting our coins TRADEOGRE & SATODAX. 

Trading on TRADEOGRE Only has a BTC/NAH pairing. On your preferred exchange (e.g. Binance) trade your BTC (or other coin/fiat) to LTC, Transfer your LTC to your TradeOger wallet. Trade your LTC for BTC and then BTC for NAH.

Trading on SATODAX Has the following pairings BTC/NAH, DOGE/NAH, USDT/NAH. On your preferred exchange (e.g. Binance) trade your BTC (or other coin/fiat) to DOGE, Transfer your DOGE to Satodax. Trade your DOGE for NAH. (Please note that at the time of writing this you cannot withdraw DOGE from Binance so you’ll need to Trade for LTC and transfer that across instead. 24/11/21)

Crypto Beginners: Step by step

If this is your first venture into Crypto then welcome. It can seem daunting at times, especially if you’ve never traded shares but it’s actually relatively straightforward. I’ll walk you through it step by step.

STEP 1 – Setup An Account On A Trading Exchange (Binance)

There are many to choose from, the difference usually comes down to the fees they take when you are trading or transferring your Crypto. Setting up an account with one of these is free however requires quite a lot of verification before you can proceed with purchasing your first Crypto, so allow 24-48 hours to become fully verified before you can make your first trade.

I’d suggest going with Binance as they’re one of the biggest (if not the biggest) plus their trading fees are among the lowest you’ll find. Use this link to create your account: LINK 

STEP 2 – Transfer Money Into Your New Account

With Binance you can easily transfer money directly from your bank account into your Binance account, and if you use PayID it’ll happen instantly and without any fees: (4 slides below)

From here, head to your bank and transfer the amount requested via PayID. It’s important that when you select your PayID you select the EMAIL option. (2 slides below)

Once complete you’ll see the amount transferred in the overview, just click on your FIAT symbol.


  • Trading Your AUD for Crypto

  • Switching to TradeOger (or Satodax exchange)

  • Trading your Crypto of choice to NAH

It’s here that a lot of people get confused and it all becomes too hard. Instead of screenshots I’ve created a video walk-through to help you not only complete the transaction but hopefully understand the WHY behind it all. When you understand why we do things it’ll give you more options in the future should you choose to purchase more crypto or decide to take a different path (e.g. trade with DOGE instead of BTC)

And you’re done!! Welcome to the Strayacoin family!

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November 24, 2021
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